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This is my little brother, reading my Hawkeye issue #19. He is hearing impaired and is currently using/learning sign language as his primary means of communication. He spent his entire lunchtime pouring over this comic, so excited about his language being in one of my books! And a superhero book!

mattfractionblog, thank you for this. 

(We have the entire Signing Time series too, and our lives would be poorer without it! Such a blessing.)


Happy Birthday, Sere! Questo è tutto per te.Clint & Natasha: so 30’s


Happy Birthday, Sere! Questo è tutto per te.

Clint & Natasha: so 30’s


Today is the day when Andrew and Zelda will meet.

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Okay but imagine person A of your otp picking up sleepy person B and carrying them to bed and person B just snuggles their face into person A’s shoulder you know on second thought don’t imagine that