I’ve decided that the reason I’ll be pissed and angry and vocal about how sad I am that Neal is dead is because he, Neal Cassidy, wouldn’t be. So someone needs to be mad for him.

Neal spent his entire life being used, abandoned, lied to, and treated as worthless and expendable and not worthy enough to be fought for. He lost, and he lost, and he lost. And whenever he gained someone, they either sold him out or abandoned him (his mom, his dad, Hook, Tamara) or he had to leave them in order to save them or get them to where they needed to be (the Darlings, Emma and Henry repeatedly). Either other people put other things above him, or he put his love for others and their best interests above his own want to be with them. And in both types of situations he lost, he ended up alone.

All he suffered through - being abandoned, shuffling between unknown worlds, having a bag thrown over his head and being dragged away to be held captive, spending hundreds of years in a cave, growing up alone on the streets, having no one to talk to or help him - that could have broke him. Honestly, I’m amazed it didn’t. He could have given up. He could have focused on things like anger and revenge and violence to get his way, but he didn’t. In fact, even when he hit his lowest point, even when he stopped counting the days on the wall of that cave because he never thought he’d make it off that island - he still found a way. He still found the strength to fight and to come up with a plan to save himself and find his way to a better place. And he still believed in the good in people. He still went into situations believing the best in people instead of assuming the worst, he still believed in home and love and trust and happiness. For all his suffering, he kept his innocent and positive outlook on life. 

But as he grew up, he made me stakes. We all know he made mistakes. He’ll be the first to admit those mistakes and apologize for them. And even though he regrets his actions and apologizes over and over and even though he forgives others for what they have done to him - he still doesn’t expect to be forgiven himself. In fact, he never seems to expect much from others at all. He keeps giving, he keeps forgiving, he keeps literally risking his life to save people that he loves, people he is angry with, and people he doesn’t even know. And he never expects anything in return. In fact he assumes he will not be forgiven. He of all people knows what betrayal feels like and he assumes he is not worthy of that forgiveness. So he keeps on giving, he makes some efforts to go for what he wants but always leaves the choices up to others and makes sure they know he will not push. When it comes to the people he loves being in danger he’ll literally move heaven and earth to get to them and help them, but he doesn’t expect anything in return.

And then suddenly he has lost his father and he is as far away as he’s ever been from the other people he loves again and he does one selfish thing to get to them because maybe just this once he’s fed up with accepting the heartbreaking fate that’s always been handed to him- and it costs him. It literally costs him his life. And you know what he does? He doesn’t look for a way out, he doesn’t look for a loophole, he doesn’t make anymore selfish acts- he looks for ways to help the people he loves, even if they are still worlds away and even if he’ll never see them again. He literally rips his own clothes up while forcing his way out of his dad’s body or however the hell that worked to send a message to get to Emma so she would be able to help the town. Back in our world he tells Emma to separate himself from his father because his father is the only one who can tell her who the wicked witch is, even if it means he will die. And as he is dying he literally only asks for promises that the people he loves will be happy - he just wants his son to know that he was a good dad, and he just wants Emma and Henry to be happy. After all they’ve been through, he’s not mad at his father, he’s thanking his father. He gave up his life - his life that was only ever filled with abandonment and heartbreak and very, very few happy moments - so that everyone else could have a change at happiness and life.

When season 3 started Neal’s poster read “believe in second chances”. While Neal himself only ever touched the tip of his own second changes - getting a mere few moments with his son, only just starting to work through things with Emma, barely starting to repair his relationship with his father, having one little moment with Hook where he could see the man who once took him in - he actually managed to give everyone else their own second chance. Without his sacrifice, they might not even be alive. Every single character got to have a second chance at happiness, at love, at life, because of him. He didn’t get his own, but instead of his own he gave it to others. And in a sick, twisted way - that was enough for Neal. He so constantly put others ahead of himself that giving up his happy ending so that other people could have a chance of a happy ending is almost a happy ending for him. That almost counts as being all he needed to achieve in life because he always put that above himself anyway. And so you know what? Neal probably wouldn’t be upset that he died. In fact, we could see it on his face in his final moments that he was at peace with this happening. He was happy knowing everyone else could be happy and that he went out with the people he loves knowing he was a good man. He was okay with that. He was content to know he could at least do that much.

Neal probably wouldn’t be angry about the fact that he died too young, that he died before he could get what he wanted in life. Because he kinda did still get it, he got to know everyone else was going to be okay. And since he probably wouldn’t be angry about it himself, I’m going to be. Because I wanted better for him. Because I wanted the world for him. Because I wanted to see him get some happiness, to actually know what it feels like to love and be loved back and not have it taken away. I wanted to root for the guy who never had anything to finally get something and keep it. I wanted to see the kid who lost everything know what it was like to have a home again. I wanted to see someone who spent so many years alone be surrounded by people who would do for him what he was willing to do for them. I wanted to see someone struggle and fight their whole life and actually get that happy ending they worked so hard for without ever sinking to anger and violence and revenge and self pity. I wanted to know that having hope and love and fight in your heart would be enough to make it. I wanted to see a lost boy become a hero and stay a hero. 


"The last thing I remember, I was running into your arms and…"

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Sweet Sunflower Child


was trying to think of a unique tag for Sammy, right? All the sudden my brain said, “Sweet Sunflower Child”

And I was like, yeah sure, ok that sounds nice. I didn’t really think about it too terribly much but then I did research and

  • There’s a misconception that sunflower heads turn to face the sun. This is only true of immature flower heads. Once matured, sunflower heads face east. Even if transplanted to face a different direction, within a few days it will face east again. 
  • Consider: Sam straying from hunting, from Dean, turning his boyish face to the sun of a simpler life, with wishes and hopes and dreams in his youth. In maturity he stares steadfastly toward the path infront of him, allows himself to catch glimpses of the sun, and endeavors to keep the night at his back.
  • While the most economically important of the 4 “domesticated” plants native to the US, the sunflower is still often considered a weed. Despite the fact that every inch of the plant contributes to some product or process (from cooking oil to livestock feed, latex to biodiesel) when wild and in the wrong environment, sunflowers can be harmful to crops.
  • Consider: Sam is of such monumental importance to the world. He offers it so much, and lets himself be picked right apart so the world can get at it easier. And yet he can only see himself as a weed in a cornfield. Even more heartbreaking: because they don’t know any better, other people see him that way too.
  • They have tall, coarse stems and bristly leaves (it is actually not very pleasant to touch them, let me tell you) paired with brilliant, sunny, summer faces. They’re a hardy plant, not too fussy about their soil or environment.
  • Consider: DOn’t talk to mE.
  • Allelopathy: an organism produces biochemicals that influence the survival of the organisms around them. Annual species of sunflowers are one such breed. Several Native American groups planted sunflowers nearby their other crops to help them grow, survive, and thrive.
  • Consider: Dean.  Do I really have to say anything else? Honestly?
  • Sunflowers can be used to extract harmful toxins from the soil and from water. They were used to remove radioactive material from a nearby pond after the Chernobyl disaster. 
  • Consider: Taking on a burden that was never his. Accepting the toxic waste of the world into himself to lighten it’s load, though it was never his to bear, standing tall and smiling wide all the while. Don’t look at me.  
  •  Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. I have a lot of feelings about Van Gogh as it is but he painted the sunflower series mostly as gifts to other people (his brother, for one, and an artist he admired for two). They depict  sunflowers in various stages of growth and decay and they’re just gorgeous really and I justimage
  • Consider: Sam and giving things away. Sam and growth to decay. Sam like the sad and lonely man who dedicated himself, wholeheartedly, to the hopeless endeavor of painting, of being an artist. Who endured rebuke and ridicule, never seeing success or gratitude in his lifetime (EXCEPT FOR THE LOVE OF HIS BROTHER). Who died at least half-mad and, quite possibly, in an attempt to cover for the mistakes of a few young boys with a gun.

I’m never going to be ok again


My dad was complaining about buying me books yesterday and I said “well at least it’s books” and then the cashier goes “yeah it could be drugs”

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People have speculated that Gabe Jones is…

oh thanks for answer! kinda disappointed, that would be a wonderful storyline for triplett right? he get so little time in our screens. guess now is wait and pray for the best took over the writers minds lol

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CLINTASHA 13/100 FAN ART 냇바튼 100회 연성 13회차 ; 쇼핑쇼핑쇼핑


냇바튼 100회 연성 13회차 ; 쇼핑쇼핑쇼핑


Every inch of you is perfect / from the b o t t o m to the t o p

This video is so sweet and cute though I love it

Since when does an avenger flinch from a scrap?
Technically an avenger. Fine. A young avenger, whatever.